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Hukoomi is the official government web portal of Qatar. It is a gateway to information about the country, connecting members of the public with government services, programs and initiatives.

It makes Qatar’s government more responsive to its constituents, improves transparency and makes interacting with the government simpler. Through cooperation with government agencies and public service providers, Hukoomi has makes online information more readily available at your finger tips. Hukoomi aims to be accessible for all – whether the end user is a government employee, business person, student, visitor, citizen/resident or just plain curious about the State of Qatar. Hukoomi can also be accessed through any Internet-enabled mobile device. Hukoomi’s features include:

  • Close to 100 topics and articles with detailed information about Qatari law and society.
  • Daily updates on government news, events and announcements.
  • Convenient online services that allow people to pay their water and electricity bills, renew health cards, settle traffic violations, and apply for visas, commercial registrations, licenses, permits and other official documents with just a few clicks.
  • Links to sub-portals, such as the employment and recruitment service, and e-tendering.
  • Links to application forms from a wide range of government ministries, agencies and public services.
  • Contact information for government entities, including foreign embassies.
  • 24-hour customer support through the hotline 44069999.

Take advantage of all the information and services available, Visit Hukoomi!


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