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Enjoy the view along the Corniche - and take your laptop with you. Internet access is free!

As part of our promise to help connect people to one another and to the world, ictQATAR and the Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning have made five parks in Doha completely wireless.

Anyone visiting one of these lovely parks - Sheraton, Rumailah, Dahl Al Hamam, Suburban Al-Wakrah Public Park and Corniche Al-Khor - can send e-mail, shop online, surf the internet or chat at no cost.

ictQATAR plans to continue the expansion of the iParks Initiative to additional parks and public spaces over the next five years, with the goal of two new public spaces connected each year. 


As required by the Regulatory Accounting System (RAS) Orders (ICTRA 2013/03/31-B), Ooredoo has submitted the RAS for the Financial Years 2010/11/12 (collectively: 2010+). The Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA) provided Ooredoo with...
Under the Telecommunications Law and By-Law, the Communication Regulatory Authority (CRA) is obliged to specific objectives and is authorized  to ensure the prices and charges of dominant service providers (DSP) are efficiently cost-based and...
This is a manual developed by ictQATAR to support implementation of the National Information Assurance Policy v2.0 that includes specifications on 26 domains, including both processes and technology domains.