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Qatar Internet Domain Names

Qatar Internet Domains Names

Your domain name is your online identity, it helps connect you and your company to the world and using a Qatar specific domain shows you are uniquely Qatar.

My Country.  My Domain.

Qatar Domains Registry manages all Qatar specific domains and is committed to being a fair and transparent registry that promotes competition and innovation in the market. Qatar is among the first countries in the world to be able to offer domain names in Arabic ( قطر.) representing Qatar’s Arabic language online identity.

Qatar domains are available through accredited registrars: .qa, .com.qa, .net.qa, .name.qa and Arabic قطر.

The domains that are registered directly from the Qatar Domains Registry include : .gov.qa, .mil.qa, .org.qa, .edu.qa and .sch.qa.

For more information and to register your domain visit www.domains.qa.


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