ictQATAR and Ministry of Justice Launch Qatar’s Legal Portal “Al Meezan”

Thursday, December 6, 2012
Qatar Digital Government
Portal Offers Bilingual Open Access to Qatar's Legal Documents

ictQATAR and the Ministry of Justice have announced the launch of Qatar's legal portal - Al Meezan, Qatar’s first official legal portal for all the country’s regulations since the year 1961.

The portal was launched by His Excellency Hassan bin Abdullah Al-Ghanem, Minister of Justice at the Ministry of Justice building. Hassan Jassim Al-Sayed, Assistant Secretary-General, ICT Government Programs, Faleh Al-Naemi, Assistant Secretary-General, Shared Services, Reem Al-Mansoori, Government Portal Manager, were present at the launch besides other ictQATAR staff in addition to David Mao, Congress Librarian. 

Al Meezan comes as a crucial step in the Open Access policy implementation in the State of Qatar, to ensure government transparency and wide access to all legal documents to be available for all citizens, residents, government agencies as well as internal and external investors through a single, credible one-stop shop.

“Traditional means to foster legal culture are no longer sufficient in ensuring wide and open access to Qatar’s wealth of legal documents,” explained His Excellency Hassan bin Abdullah Al-Ghanem, Minister of Justice, “Al Meezan allows efficient online access to Qatar’s laws and legislations in line with the country’s ambitious National Vision”.

“ictQATAR is very pleased to have collaborated with the Ministry of Justice to launch the portal, a key step towards building a true legal literacy in Qatar as well as fostering citizens’ awareness on their rights and obligations and the various existing means by which they can effectively contribute politically, socially and economically to their country,” explained Hassan Jassim Al-Sayed, Assistant Secretary-General, ICT Government Programs. “Al Meezan directly complements and builds on ictQATAR’s Integrated Government Program and is a cornerstone in the increasingly essential National Digitization Project and enriching Arabic digital content”.

The portal,with a bilingual interface and user friendly navigation, allows audio access to Qatar’s legislations, catering to users with disabilities in addition to a comprehensive glossary of legal terms in Arabic and English. The portal has been designed in accordance with W3C’s global guidelines for web accessibility to ensure all users can access its documents regardless of their disabilities.

“Al Meezan’s launch is a significant achievement that puts Qatar on the forefront,” said David Mao, Congress Librarian, “It is time that a new institution takes the lead on managing the Global Legal Information Network (GLIN) and I’m delighted to know that Qatar is ready to take on that key role”.