ictQATAR and IAD launch e-Learning Portal

Saturday, May 5, 2007
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The Supreme Council for Information and Communication Technology (ictQATAR) and the Institute of Administration Development (IAD) launched the e-Learning Portal, a new online educational tool, at the Four Seasons Hotel Doha today.

ictQATAR and IAD launch e-Learning Portale-Learning Portal Launch

The e-Learning Portal will give Government employees, university students and the wider adult community access to 4000, cost-free, courses covering business and professional development, IT and computer software programs.

Courses will be taught in Arabic, English or French using innovative multi-media materials with course accreditation from international institutes, such as the American Council on Education (ACE) and the Project Management Institute (PMI).

Human resource managers and directors from Qatar's public sector attended today's portal unveiling, which has been spearheaded by ictQATAR to support economic development by connecting people to educational opportunities through information and communication technology.

"As courses will be offered over the internet, the e-Learning Portal can be accessed anytime, day or night, by busy professionals, university students and other aspirational adults looking to enrich their lives by using technology to access education," said ictQATAR's e-Learning Portal Project Manager, Amal Ahmed Kamel.

ictQATAR is collaborating with IAD, experts in life-long education and training for private and public sector employees, who will manage course users, maintain course quality and issue completion certificates.

"IAD and ictQATAR are committed to making learning available to anyone, anywhere, anytime. Over the next year, 5000 users will be given access to the e-Learning Portal," said IAD's E-Learning Project Coordinator, Taoufik Homri. "In the first phase of the initiative we are targeting Government workers and university students, and as such we are now inviting Government Ministries to submit their employee nomination lists through the IAD website, so we can begin distributing e-Learning Portal access cards to users." IAD and ictQATAR are expecting that the portal will appeal to the wider community, as it will offer cost-free courses, which can be used by certified professionals to maintain their industry certifications, such as Certified Practicing Accountants, plus soft skill courses to improve communication and leadership capabilities.

"Although Government employees and university students will be at the outset selected, our aim is to widen the scope of the project to include private sector workers and homemakers," Homri explained. "Interested members of the public can contact IAD about course information and access cards, which will be distributed based on availability."

With IAD managing enrollments and users, ictQATAR will provide technical support to ensure smooth uptake of the portal. Users will be able to access online step-by-step usage guides, multi-lingual question and answer fact sheets and an IT help-desk through a live chat function.

Kamel added that ictQATAR will also be monitoring the e-Learning Portal's demand and usage closely over the next year, in order to appropriately plan for access availability in 2008.

The e-Learning Portal's course testing is based on pre- and post-assessment and each course module has simulation exercises so users can test their new skills. When a user completes 80 percent of a course successfully they receive a certificate from IAD and will be eligible for another course at no charge.