ictQATAR Launches Hukoomi Mobile App

Monday, May 25, 2015
ictQATAR Launches Hukoomi Mobile App

Mobile device users can now conveniently access and use the eservices and information provided at the Hukoomi portal by downloading and installing the Hukoomi Mobile App on their smartphones and tablets, according to the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology (ictQATAR)’s ICT Government Programs.

The app is an extra interactive channel between Hukoomi and its users, targeting faster and easier eservices and information that need to be available and accessible anytime, anywhere, and is a part of a continued improvement of the Hukoomi portal, Tareq Alemadi, E-Government Portal Dep. Manager said.

“Hukoomi Mobile App shows that we are keen to fulfill the objectives of the Qatar Digital Government 2020 Strategy to provide unique, efficient and accessible services for citizens, businesses and visitors for a better life for all, benefiting from the potentials of the ICTs,” Alemadi added.

“Statistics show high mobile internet penetration in Qatar; something that pushed us to cope with that rising trend by designing the Hukoomi Mobile App for people to enjoy smoother access to government services and information that are simple, secure and available anytime, anywhere,” he noted.

Alemadi thanked all government entities for their contributions and continuous support for a better Hukoomi portal, saying, “Any accomplishment we make on Hukoomi portal is a fruit of the efforts and cooperation from all government entities.”

Hukoomi Mobile App, which is now available for Apple, Android, Microsoft and BlackBerry, offers mobile device users easy access to the latest government news, events and activities in Qatar.

Users can access location maps and points of interest based on category preference such as business, government, finance, health, education and much more, said Hanan Abdel Sattar, Service Delivery Section Head in a PowerPoint presentation.

She added that a directory http://www.ictqatar.qa/ is also available, which allows users to access and contact government entities and public services. They can also view government mobile applications store and download any app, access all information and services available on Hukoomi portal through a unified http://www.ictqatar.qa/ and submit their feedback and suggestions for better services.

Sharing some figures with the media, Abdel Sattar said Hukoomi currently contains some 4.4 million pages. There is over 50,000 subscribers and the portal is visited around 500,000 times a month. The portal, she said, attracts visitors from over 180 countries.

Around 76% of Hukoomi’s visitors log to the portal through desktops and laptops versus 24% through mobile devices.

Hukoomi was first launched by ictQATAR in 2008. Phase 2 of Hukoomi was live in 2010 with some 400 services, out of which 150 were eservices. The portal has been improved and enhanced to offer now around 900 services, out of which 300 are eservices following the official release of the Qatar Digital Government 2020 Strategy in May 2014.