Ministry of Information and Communications Technology Celebrates Qatar National Day

Sunday, December 15, 2013
Ministry of Information and Communications Technology Celebrates Qatar National Day

Celebrating Qatar National Day, the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology (ictQATAR) organized today an interactive festivity celebrating the Qatar National Day, which falls on December 18 every year.
Organized at the Ministry’s headquarters, the celebration was attended by ictQATAR senior officials and all staff members amid feelings of joy and happiness of the national day anniversary. The event featured several interactive and entertaining activities with a national spirit where attendees got a great opportunity to be introduced to some aspects of the ancient Qatari heritage.
“Qatar National Day is a lovely occasion to all of us and an opportunity to enhance values of connection with the past and heritage of the ancestors, as well as to glorify today’s achievements. It is also an opportunity to express feelings of love and gratefulness to this generous country, its great people and wise leadership for what they have been achieving throughout years. Moreover, it is also a day to renew the vow for hardworking and cooperation toward the supremacy of this country,” said Hussain Salatt, Director of Communications and Public Relations at ictQATAR on the occasion.
He added: “Every year all institutions and agencies as well as individuals compete to celebrate the Qatar National Day and show love and belongingness to this country and the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology is proud to be among the first to celebrate it.”
ictQATAR’s celebrations featured a unique interactive program rich with many activities such as serving traditional Qatari food, the art of Henna drawing, traditional Qatari dancing with swords (Ardha) and falcon show. There was also a corner displaying traditional fishing tools, diving profession and pearl trade. Furthermore, there were great competitions that revolved around Qatari proverbs, maxims and spaces of time for people to talk about various aspects of the Qatari heritage.
And as a bridge between generations, a group of students from Al Yarmouk Preparatory Independent School for Boys performed the Ardha dancing.
Competition winners were awarded at the end of the event while winners of the best photo shot at the event are to be awarded later after getting their photos evaluated on the event’s special hashtag #MICT_QND.
Nationals and residents in Qatar wait for the Qatar National Day to express their love of the country and feelings of loyalty and belongingness, as well as to remember the glory of the country’s founders and achievements of the current leadership.