TumuhaTEC Helps College Students Land ICT Internships

Sunday, October 9, 2011
TumuhaTEC Helps College Students Land ICT Internships

Muneera AbdulAziz AlObtaibi has been studying computer engineering for three years at Qatar University, and thanks to her summer internship with Malomatia, she knows she made the right choice. “The experience was beneficial to realizing that I was in the right field of study and that I am majoring in the correct subjects.  The internship allowed me to apply the knowledge I have already learnt at university and to learn new skills that I can use in my future,” said the rising senior.

Muneera was part of the first class of interns placed in leading ICT organizations through ictQATAR’s TumuhaTEC (meaning “ambition” in Arabic) program. As part of ictQATAR’s efforts to encourage more talented students to pursue careers in ICT, TumuhaTEC developed an internship placement program.  This program connects students from top Qatar-based universities to top ICT organizations for both the summer and winter break. This summer, six talented individuals were selected from a large pool of applicants to fill internship positions during the Summer 2011 vacation.  These internships included positions in project coordination, telecommunications engineering, software quality control engineering and graphic design. The interns were placed at Malomatia, Mada, Qatar Satellite Company and ictQATAR.

Muneera primarily worked on a legal project with the Ministry of Justice to publish the legislation, rules and laws of the State of Qatar during her internship at Malomatia.

She said she felt that the most important experiential outcome was learning how to plan, organize and control work within a project.

Another intern, Najla Al Khalifa, a Graphic Design Student at Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar, worked at Mada. ictQATAR’s Assistive Technology Center. There she worked on a design for Mada’s Eid greeting card and created graphic designs in line with Web content accessibility guidelines for the organization’s website and print materials.   “My goal for the summer was to obtain the internship via TumuhaTEC which allowed me to gain experience in the work environment and apply the knowledge I had from my studies into the work situation. It was an inspiring experience and I would recommend students apply for these internships to prepare themselves for the working environment,” said Najla.

TumuhaTEC plans to expand the internship program to more organizations and hopes to be able to place even more talented students in ICT-related internships. “ICT is a rapidly evolving field and the number of career opportunities in it are growing exponentially. Through TumuhaTEC we hope to encourage the best and brightest in Qatar to consider careers in ICT and internships will play an integral role in our strategy,” said Reem Al Mansoori, ICT Skills Development Manager at ictQATAR.

Students interested in applying for an internship through TumuhaTEC can contact their university career advisors for more information, or email TumuhaTEC directly at tumuhatec@ict.gov.qa. Additionally, students are encouraged to follow the program on Twitter at @TumuhaTEC for updates on internships, career opportunities and useful professional resources.